Lizard Fight

Toilday - 5th of Erastus

The lizard that appeared attacked Higee and she tried to run away.  Three more lizards appeared and Hodill, Higee, Polly, and Natie fought them with the arrows they had retreived.   Hofa joined the fight to make sure the children were safe, Higee merely ran away, not even noticing immediately that the lizard chasing her had been killed.

Once the fighting ceased Hofa told the children to collect the 4 lizard bodies and take them to the tanner and leather worker (Seren) in town and he should give them a silver piece for each lizard.  On the way through town Hofa stopped at the temple and had Father Rolf check on their wounds.  There were only minor and he asked for a silver piece after he had bandaged them.

The children continued to the tanner's alone, but when they got there Seren told them he would give them a copper piece for each lizard.  Polly demanded the full price and Seren offered 5 coppers each which the children accepted.


Liked: Bandages

Didn't like: The tanner offering less (being mean).

Confused by: Why Hofa said the tanner would give 1sp but he only gave 5cp.


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