Starting Out

Toilday - 5th of Erastus

Hodill set out in the morning to meet his friends at the playing field on the east side of the river.  On the way there he saw an old man on the bridge fishing.  When he got there he saw Natie behind a tree talking to someone, but didn't see what happened.  He met Polly and Higee and they played tag for a while.  Higee the dancer was very hard to tag and at one stage dodged so quickly out of the way that Hodill was surprised, slipped and fell, cutting his chin.

After that Hodill didn't much feel like playing tag and asked if anyone had a ball they could play with.  Polly was going to get one from home but before he could leave Hofa, Hodill's father found them and told Hodill he was going to take him out to teach him how to shoot a bow.  The other children asked to come with them and Hofa agreed.  On the way back over the bridge the old man fishing had 2 fish in his bucket already.

They went out of town to the North where Hofa took them to a field with a target setup and showed them how to shoot.  They took turns shooting with varied success then Hofa asked them to retrieve the practice arrows.  After a bit of searching they found them and were just about to head back when a large lizard appeared from behind a rock and jumped at Higee.


Liked: ?

Didn't like: When Higee dodged and Hodill slipped and hurt his chin.

Confused by: ?


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