An unexpected side trip

After leaving the cave the trio (Tanil, Hofa and Hodill) searched for any other lizard tracks around the entrance to the cave.  Finding none and deciding that the crazed lizards most likely came through the door somehow there set off through the forest in search of some other clue.

Through a gap in the trees at one stage they saw what they thought might be a dragon fly away over the hills.

Suddenly, Hofa told Hodill to stop and hold perfectly still.  He had spotted an Assassin Vine.  Tanil drew his sword and slashed at it where upon it threw it's self at him.  Hofa and Hodill drew their weapons to attack but Hodill was caught from behind by a tree!  He managed to wrestle himself free and together that chopped to vines off the Assassin Vine until it stopped moving.  Tanil had taken quite a beating from it, but they continued on until they came to the edge of the forest. At this point it was getting dark so they made their way back to town.

Once back in town two soldiers staggered up to Hofa and Hodill and offered to buy them a drink, Hofa refused and told them sternly to go back to the barracks.  They continued on to the temple to see Father Rolf who healed them devinely before they each donated a silver piece.  Afterwards they went home for some dinner.


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